Sidi Dominator Fit Shoes - Men's Black, 44.5/Reg

The Sidi Dominators have, well, dominated the high-end mountain bike shoe market for an awfully long time, and it's not just because they look great. The original Dominators were comfortable, fit a lot of people really well (average to narrow-feet, mostly) , and didn't mind being ridden hard and put away wet. One thing they weren't great at, though, was offering any kind of grip when walking or hiking. A couple years ago, Sidi revamped the original Dominators, naming the revision the Dominator Fit. Sidi's focus in this revision was cyclocross, a discipline that demands an awful lot of shoes. A good 'cross shoe has to withstand power pedaling, run-ups, mud, sand, and everything in between. The biggest change in the transition to the Fit nomenclature is the sole -- the rubber's a softer durometer now, so when you try to walk over boulders, it won't look like a colt's first tentative steps.

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Sidi Dominator Fit Shoes - Men's Black, 44.5/Reg Review

I have several cycling from Sidi and they are great:) Trust me!

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