Karakoram Prime1 Split Snowboard Binding Black/Orange, S

The Karakoram Prime1 Split Snowboard improves upon traditional split interfaces with its efficient quick-release touring bracket, convenient Power-Link activation lever, and Solid Ride four-point connection. Although it's a couple ounces heavier than Karakoram's top-tier Prime Bindings (i. e., the Prime Carbon and Prime SL) , the Prime1 is a great starting point to benefit from Karakoram's legendary response and efficiency. Softer than Karakoram's carbon-infused offerings, the Prime1 Split Binding has an Airflow highback that's cored-out for a bit more lateral flex, as well as an ultra-light feel. However, it's still plenty responsive when you're carving at high speeds and slashing through deep powder. This highback features Ride-Stride forward lean that quickly toggles between Ride and Walk Modes with a 1/4-turn of the forward lean adjuster. In Walk mode, the -8o forward lean elongates your stride to conserve energy on the long uphill skin. Ride mode delivers 0o to 22o of forward lean (2o adjustable increments) for quick-turning response. Offering a completely solid feel underfoot, this binding uses a Solid Ride four-point attachment to eliminate unnerving seam slop and board chatter, especially when you're riding at high speeds. Four wide, pre-loaded contact points direct energy to the edges for unmatched response on steep, high-consequence backcountry lines. Ditching traditional climbing wires for a two-height riser that deploys with the simple flick of your pole basket, the Flip-Speed Riser conquers mellow approaches and demanding ascents alike. Engage the shorter riser on long, flatter approaches or flip the taller riser during intimidating climbs. Additionally, there's a heel lock-down feature for skating across flats and side-steeping small hills. This lock-down has a load equivalent to DIN 6 to 8. More efficient than pin-style split bindings, the Prime Interface uses Karakoram's quick-release touring bracket found on the original Split 30 interface. Th...

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Karakoram Prime1 Split Snowboard Binding Black/Orange, S Review

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