CCM RibCor 40K Grip Yth. Composite Hockey Stick

The revolutionary RIBCOR is back with upgrades and reinforcements making it the best Ribcor stick yet! By utilizing the most cutting edge technologies and materials available; the new CCM Ribcor 40K (powered by Reebok) brings us a stick with superior durability and unbelievable pop! The RIBCOR series; now proudly boasting the CCM name; is all about having a stick that is easier to load and more efficient at generating power for your shot. The quick release of the stick comes from the low-mid kick point; while still providing excellent control and accuracy. Predominantly subdued black and grays with neon green accents give the new Ribcor 40K just the right amount of visual flash; while the youth shaft uses a more contoured geometry with rounded corners for a better fit in smaller hands. For a stick with unbelievable pop and durability; pick up the CCM Ribcor 40K today and feel the difference!

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CCM RibCor 40K Grip Yth. Composite Hockey Stick Review

I love all of product from Hockey Monkey. When I was buying CCM RibCor 40K Grip Yth. Composite Hockey Stick in that shop, it is on my street, there are so kind assistants. Many thanks!

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