Buff XDCS Tech Hat Black

Lightweight and wind resistant, the highly technical XDCS Tech Hat provides optimal protection from cold and wind. Designed for activities like cross country skiing, running or biking, the Extra Duel Comfort System (XDCS) fabric is made from a stretchy polyester-based blend that has a soft interior engineered to wick and quickly dry. XDCS Extra Dual Comfort System - soft and durable fabric that offers optimal protection from both, cold and wind.Cold Weather: 14degF-41degFBreathableThermal protection from cold & windMoisture-wicking

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Buff XDCS Tech Hat Black Review

I have this clothing & accessories for ages. I am still happy and I am using Buff XDCS Tech Hat Black almost every day. This Buff XDCS Tech Hat Black was reffered by my friend.

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