Advanced Nutrients - Sensizym - 4 L

Enzymes are essential building blocks of life processes. Smart growers use Advanced Nutrients Sensizym, the worlds best agricultural enzyme product, containing more than 80 enzymes necessary for plant functions. Enzyme products made by competitors contain far fewer types of enzymes and have inferior configurations. A feeding of Sensizym creates an almost-immediate crop uptake by breaking down root zone components to increase nutrient uptake of starches, carbohydrates, and elements necessary for rapid growth and high yield. Sensizym accelerates growth of beneficial microbes when used with Piranha, Tarantula, or Voodoo Juice. Sensizym helps crops utilize water and water-borne elements, which increases growth, yield and drought resistance. Our product speeds maturation, cell replication, and harvest production. Many of our competitors' products have inferior and fewer enzymes in formulations that quickly lose potency. Our product has a safe shelf life of at least 18 months. When we did product tests, we found that most of our competitors products were dead in terms of enzymatic units of activity, whereas Sensizym was found to be 300% more bioactive and potent than any of their products, as measured by units of enzymatic activity. Available in 1L, 4L, 10L and 23L sizes.

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Advanced Nutrients - Sensizym - 4 L Review

The lawn & garden exceeded my expectations of high quality and style lawn & garden.

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